A perfect ski day in Courchevel

7:30 am

Your morning begins with a hearty gluten-free breakfast, adapted to keep you going all day long. Perhaps a glass of lukewarm water and a lemon juice, some fruit, and to finish, a buckwheat and avocado crêpe.

8:00 am

Now your belly is full, a thirty-minute Pilates session is ideal to warm up and awaken your muscles.  Doing Pilates also allows you to work on your breathing, flexibility, and spinal mobility.

8:30 am

Visit the hotel’s Ski-Room with state-of-the-art equipment for a quality day.  Kitting yourself out with a pair of Les Airelles skis made by the expert hands of DENERIAZ is a must.  Through fine attention to detail, authenticity, and excellence, the Savoyard brand has teamed up with the House to create a unique experience ensuring incredible sensations.  Intricately handmade with the finest materials, DENERIAZ skis are a perfect match for the Airelles philosophy.

9:00 pm

Direction: the Jardin Alpin! The Courchevel ski resort is the ideal place to come and enjoy a memorable stay.  At every peak, at every slope-side pause, with every glance at the surrounding landscapes, the magnificent view is sure to take your breath away.

12:00 pm

Time for lunch! Head to Le Festin for an avalanche of tasty treats. As the sun comes out, this legendary and delicious and refined buffet is served on the terrace.  A perfect break to appreciate the gentle rays before setting off again to complete your adventure!

16:00 pm

After a good day’s skiing, muscle relaxation is recommended via an aquabike session or a swim to gently eliminate any minor injuries.  For further relaxation, indulge in a visit to osteopath Florence Degrave.  Once you’re feeling relaxed, unwind even further as you savour a magnesium-rich drink.

“Fall in love with the slopes at Courchevel. Les Airelles is letting you in on its best-kept secrets for a perfect day, to make your experience even more unforgettable.”

Inside Airelles

19:00 pm

When the night comes, head to the Coin Savoyard to taste all the flavours the region has to offer. Throughout the evening, the jazzy atmosphere of the bar will add sparkle to a well-deserved moment of relaxation. Leave your worries behind as you bask in its sounds and flavours.

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