A step back in time

For Le Grand Contrôle, renowned Chef Alain Ducasse has dreamt up “Le Festin“, a high-flying culinary performance orchestrated in several acts. The world’s most star-rated French Chef re-tweaks gastronomic treats and recipes of yesteryear to suit today’s taste.

Your life at Court begins early in the morning with an exquisite “Majestic Sunrise” breakfast with a view of the forecurt of L’Orangerie. Then, at lunchtime, you are invited to a “Royal Feast Reimagined” with a menu proposing two, three or five courses. Fattened Hen, duck “foie gras” and eel; Fried Brill, celery, citrus fruit and buckwheat, and the “1724” with chocolate and praline will all blend tradition and modernity in a setting inspired by the King’s Table. In late afternoon, “All the Delights Marie-Antoinette would have enjoyed” will meet desires for sweet (and savory) among the most gourmet guests, with a refined tea-time comprised of assortments of finger sandwichs, pastries and a hot chocolate prepared with “Le Chocolat Ducasse”.

Did you know?

“At the time, the expression “À la viande du Roi!” signalled the start of service. The term “viande” then referred to the King’s meal in its entirety.”

A unique dining experience designed by Alain Ducasse

To perfect this culinary trip back in time,,the restaurant opens it doors, proposing dinner as once served to kings: a “Regal Feast, but also an unforgettable experience“. Arriving in successive waves, the dishes, in tableware from the Chef’s private collection and served by a team dressed in period costume, recall royal feasts. “Oille” soup, Egg with Caviar, Blue Lobster Aspic, Stuffed Sole and Beef in Sauce will captivate your tastebuds. Finally, “Le Festin par Alain Ducasse” is served in your room as the “Petit Couvert du Roi“, and in the guise of an exceptional Sunday Brunch, “Le Grand Banquet“.

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