Airelles Val d’Isère: where all your cravings are met

At Airelles Val d’Isère, we take great pleasure in sharing and in generosity. The proof of this is in our gastronomic and epicurean start to the day, when a mouth-watering buffet is laid out in the breakfast-room, which is itself filled with antique furniture and vintage wood. Whether you prefer your breakfast sweet or savoury, Airelles Val d’Isère has something for everyone.

Lunch is brought to us by one of the most respected female Chefs in France: Hélène Darroze. A true ambassador for her native south-west, she has brought the recipes from the region of her birth to her restaurants in Paris, London and now Val d’Isere. With the help of Loris Cornacchia, the executive Chef of Airelles Val d’Isère, she brings an array of delicious dishes to the table for lunch and dinner, while also bringing her acclaimed cookbook, JOÌA, to life.

On the menu are wild mushrooms cooked with black Périgord truffle, duck foie-gras terrine served with Savoy apple chutney, and green chard mixed with ham that’s been cooked on the bone and then gratinated with summer Beaufort. And that’s before we mention the generous dessert buffet that includes chocolate tart and grilled buckwheat, an Armagnac baba (a traditionally French pudding that resembles a brioche-like cake soaked in liquor), or even Paris-Brest cake with hazelnut praline and pomelo marmalade.

Petit Loulou Plats 1
Moyen Loulou Salle 1
Moyen La Grande Ourse Raclette 2 scaled

These are recipes handed down from our grandmothers. And when you put them together with culinary inspiration from some of the most talented chefs in France, a warm atmosphere and a refined and delicious menu, all these elements come together to create unforgettable memories for anyone who dines with us.

On sunny days, few places are lovelier than the Terrace, with 360-degree views of the breath-taking, snow-capped mountains. Located in one of Val d’Isère’s iconic squares, La Terrasse de Joìa is the perfect spot for taking a delicious break in the sun. Whether you want a spot of lunch or a moment to unwind after a day on the slopes, its warm, welcoming atmosphere is unbeatable.

Throughout the day, connoisseurs of rare wines and spirits meet at The Bar, so that they can savour the moment with a high-quality drink by their side. From the classics revisited to new, creative recipes, bartenders are ready to whip up anything on the spot. Although for any cigar or spirit aficionado, the best place to congregate is Airelles Val d’Isère’s smoking room, where memorable moments are created while sipping on or smoking the very best products on offer.

“If this is not happiness, then it certainly looks like it”

“The Carnotzet restaurant pays homage to cheese in all its forms”

Inside Airelles

In the evening, the Carnotzet restaurant pays homage to cheese in all its forms – and offers a range of comforting specialties from the mountain region in a warm Alpine atmosphere. On offer are fondues and raclettes, but also extraordinary medieval dishes made modern, including terrines and rich stews. Take a step back into the authentic past of Val d’Isère in this relaxing setting.

Finally, right next to Airelles Val d’Isère, is La Grande Ourse, a classic that has remained untouched. It is Val d’Isère’s most iconic brasserie, beloved for decades for its unforgettable menu and its irresistible dishes. What could be a better representative of Airelles Val d’Isère than this cherished institution?

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