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Brunch at La Bastide, a provençal tradition

Buffet sucré brunch de La Bastide

Who hasn’t heard of the brunch at La Bastide? The time-honoured Sunday tradition that is known the region over.

The Sunday Brunch welcomes epicureans with the same generous hospitality extended to all guests at La Bastide.

Upon their arrival, they are treated to a buffet feast bursting with culinary wonders, accompanied by the breath-taking Provençal scenery served up by the terraces of the two restaurants: L’Orangerie and La Citadelle.

Sweet or savoury ? One of everything ?

As they walk around and ponder, the hardest part is making one’s mind up…sweet or savoury? One of everything?

In the kitchen, chefs Giovanni Amato and Elena Mosetti put their all into offering a buffet worthy of a king, while the cooks tell the story behind each dish. A guided tour around a flavoursome land.

At the entrance sits the sweet buffet, a stunning demonstration of the very best in traditional French pastry elevated with an Italian twist by Elena Mosetti: lemon meringue tart, Paris-Brest and Tiramisu to name but a few. A procession of gourmet delights that gets all heads turning.

Sweet food at La Bastide brunch

Mouth-watering aromas lure guests towards the savoury buffet. Impossible not to try the classic ham and melon, foie gras, oysters and king prawns from chef Giovanni Amato, or to pass by without tasting the selection of charcuterie.

Savoury food of La Bastide brunch

In summer and weather permitting, a barbecue is lit on the terrace, where the cooks take much pleasure in grilling meet, fish and seafood to order.

The breakfast corner is heaven for those who prefer to stick to the more traditional morning offerings, with its crispy bacon, fluffy scrambled eggs and pastries.

The all-you-can-drink champagne brings a festive mood…

The all-you-can-drink champagne brings a festive mood to the sociable event, while the younger generations will love the juice bar and the home-made ice cream and sorbets, which always go down a treat on warm summer days.

Juice bar of La Bastide brunch

A feast for both the eyes and mouth, this scrumptious banquet provides a unique experience to be shared with loved ones every Sunday from 12 to 2.30pm.

Booking :
+33 (0)4 90 72 12 12

Opening hours :
Every Sunday from 12h to 14h30.

Photo credits :
© 2019 Nicolas Lobbestael | Courchevel | Gordes | Val-d’Isère | Château de Versailles

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