Dishes brimming with sunshine!

Culinary refinement and generosity are core values for Château de la Messardière. Tucked away on the hills of Saint Tropez, it offers a panoramic view of the Gulf, and also of the Bay of Pampelonne. A breathtaking backcloth for unique dining experiences, reinvented each year for the greater enjoyment of discerning gourmets.

Carrara, Matsuhisa Saint-Tropez, L’Auberge des Maures, La Table d’Estoublon… The restaurants at Château de La Messardière compose a tasty tale.

At Carrara, Chef Marco Garfagnini proves that Italian cuisine has not had its last word. Baked spiny lobster with Cremona mustard, destructured Parmigiana, tiramisu composed before your eyes…, offerings that surprise the palate for their modernity and lightness. Then, with his pan-Asian fusion dishes, the iconic Japanese Chef Nobu offers a trip to the Far East. On the menu at Matsuhisa Saint-Tropez, recipes multiply flavours, textures and colours: sashimi tacos with salmon, fillet of Wagyu beef with three sauces, Royal crab in tempura batter.

Moyen Matsuhisa Plats 1 scaled
Moyen Petit dejeuner Terrasse 1
Moyen Carrara Dessert 1

Provençal specialities are not forgotten. With L’Auberge des Maures, the Château de La Messardière welcomes a Saint Tropez institution which has been the haunt of many personalities including Bardot, Charlie Chaplin and Greta Garbo. Its cuisine reflects Provence, tradition and the family, as witnessed by dishes on the menu such as stuffed Niçois vegetables, shoulder of lamb “à la Marjolaine”, and gambas “à la plancha”. To round off this tour of flavours and fragrances, Airelles Saint-Tropez invites you to savour lunch with your feet in the sand at its private Jardin Tropézina beach, or treat yourself to a picnic in one of the region’s loveliest creeks. Finally, La Table de La Messardière welcomes you for breakfast and lunch with its generous buffet!

“At Carrara, Chef Marco Garfagnini proves that Italian cuisine has not had its last word.”

La Table d’Estoublon

This summer, Le Château d’Estoublon is taking its place in the vegetable garden of Château de La Messardière, thus presenting you with a brand new dining proposal. La Table d’Estoublon is an exclusive culinary experience in which the chef offers a unique menu composed to meet your every desire. A moment beyond the reach of time, when the garden is dedicated to you for a very special dinner.

Petit La Table dEstoublon Table
Petit La Table dEstoublon Details 1

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