Gourmet experience in Gordes with Jean-François Piège

Like a bird taking flight, it’s time for the Clover brand to blossom under a new horizon and taste the joys and infinitely poetic spirit of one of France’s most beautiful regions: Provence. Clover Gordes offers a true gastronomic experience, with Provencal notes by Jean François Piège, on site.

For you Provence is...?

Above all, an atmosphere, a feeling of happiness, a place where you know you will enjoy life to the full.

What do your restaurants Clover Grill and Clover Gordes share?

I would say a family attachment, close ties, even if they have their own identities built around the places in which they stand. Clover Gordes is Clover Grill's cooking on a wood fire, with Provençal touches as a bonus.

What are the Signature dishes on the menu? New suggestions to discover this year?

To tell the truth, it is our guests who make our dishes real musts. Carbonara with wild squid and Churros are much appreciated, in both Paris and Gordes. Each summer, Lobster with Pistou pasta also meets with real success at La Bastide. Finally, we change the menu each year to propose new suggestions, as we did last year with starters to share.

” Our 2-star Chef tells us about Le Clover Gordes at La Bastide, but also about Provence and its star products.”

The tomato is the star of the summer. Do you have a recipe idea to share with us?

The tomato is a pure fruit I look forward to each year with the greatest pleasure. I especially like using it to make cold soup. The recipe is very simple: take ripe tomatoes, wash them and remove the cores, blend in a very cold recipient, add salt, pepper, and serve with a thread of regional olive-oil. For even more tastiness, you can add croutons of bread and serve with a cucumber brunoise.

What should we taste at least once in our lives?

No doubt about it, local produce. When staying in Gordes, you really must taste local produce such as cherries and olive-oils that are truly fabulous.

Your favourite indulgence?

I adore cherries and fresh green peas as they are products I crave for, for months, but can only enjoy three or four weeks a year!

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