The experience

Once upon a time, there was Airelles…

Les Maisons Airelles

At the heart of the snowy Alps stands a majestic and grandiose building, Les Airelles, whose striking resemblance to an Austro-Hungarian palace inspires awe in every one of its beholders.
Elsewhere, nestled amongst the rocks, La Bastide proudly overlooks Gordes and the Alpilles valley. It rekindles the ancestral spirit and hospitality of France’s Provence region.

This is like a fairy tale, where nights are spent in palaces. Palaces where time stands still, where authenticity and simplicity reign supreme.

Welcome to the magical wonderland of the Airelles residences.

Each Airelles establishment is like a mystifying jewel, taking its guests on a spellbinding adventure far away from the outside world. A truly unique experience.

The first reactions are pure amazement, love at first sight.
Then, little by little, these extraordinary venues reveal their secrets to those lucky enough to be counted as a guest.

With the standards for authenticity knowing no limits, guests are immersed in phenomenal surroundings where Eternity meets Comfort and Modernity flirts with Tradition. Period décor, antique furniture and authenticated masterpieces recount their fascinating tales in each suite, and along every corridor.

These places have a soul. These places conjure adventure, arouse curiosity and inspire romance…

These places have a soul. These places conjure adventure, arouse curiosity and inspire romance. These buildings are the origin of an exceptionally rare experience. An experience that plunges you into a childhood dream, dares you stray off the beaten path and invites you to let your mind wander, to enjoy the simple things in life and to make the most of the here and now, of your stay. | Courchevel | Gordes | Val-d’Isère | Château de Versailles

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