The Château de la Messardiere : A family home elegance.

Suspended between sky and sea, this family home has quietly crossed the decades, sublimating an architectural heritage touch by touch, without ever losing any of its nobility.
In 2020, this iconic address joined the LOV Hotel Collection and began its first extensive renovation, planned over three winters. From 2021, it will be part of the collection of Airelles hotels and exceptional houses. Expanded spa, new swimming pools, completely transformed lobby, from summer 2020, the estate takes on a new dimension to reaffirm its original and singular identity.

Saint-Tropez spirit

Overlooking the bay of Pampelonne and close to the Place des Lices – which is in the heart of Saint-Tropez – sits the Château de la Messardière. This calming hotel boasts some of the most beautiful views in the Mediterranean. Now a 5-star Palace, this former family home has kept all the privileges of its history. Built long before this paradise peninsula became world famous, it has chosen a dream location that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Perched on a hill above 10 hectares of pine forest, the enchanting gardens of the hotel are filled with gentle light and competing scents that pay tribute to the golden age of the Riviera.

A radiant elegance

Orchestrated by the interior designer Christophe Tollemer, the restoration of the Château de la Messardière capitalises on its magnificent heritage by giving it the right measure of modernity. The entrance garden sets the tone as soon as you arrive, before discovering the new lobby entirely dressed in neutral, natural tones, sometimes with a hint of gold. This atmosphere full of serenity invites you to relax and savour the happiness of arriving in a soothing refuge of sobriety.

“Le Château de la Messardière boasts some of the most beautiful views in the Mediterranean.”

Inside Airelles

Filled with colour and flavour

Sip on a cocktail while looking out to sea; enjoy a romantic one-on-one dinner at the Acacia while admiring the fiery sunset in the distance, or relish a refreshing lunch with your feet in the sand at the Jardin Tropezina… The restaurants on the property are filled with inspiration and creativity and are designed to satisfy all your desires. From Spanish to Greek, and Italian to Provencal, the best of Mediterranean gastronomy is on offer at the Château de la Messardière.

Pure relaxation at the new Valmont Spa

Entirely renovated for the summer of 2020 and open to outside clients, the Spa is now an 11,000 square-foot haven, bathed in natural light. In this retreat, all that remains is to forget the stresses of everyday life and surrender to the total relaxation of the hammam, the sauna or the small, recently opened private saltwater pool for two. Wonderfully relaxing, it creates the same sensation as wallowing in the Dead Sea – and the feeling of floating in weightlessness is not to be missed.

An escape infused with Mediterranean beauty

A pioneer of responsible luxury, Le Château de la Messardière has implemented an environmental charter for more than 20 years, ensuring it does everything it can to protect its ecosystem. Umbrella pines, century-old olive trees, Provencal cypress trees, terraced vineyards, beehives and vegetable patches, lush citrus fruits and flower-filled gardens … The Château de la Messardière has the rare privilege of being set in an exceptional environment, where Mediterranean biodiversity has been able to flourish for decades. The domain extends over 10 hectares, and is part of a heavenly part of the world, where it is possible to stroll and get lost in the sound of the cicadas, while facing the blue horizon of the sea. Away from the bustle, it is the perfect place for rediscover your natural human connection with the elements: the heat of the sun, the crystal-clear blue of the sea and the the gentle air of Provence. Not to mention the wonderful scents and sights made by the trees and flowers that surround the property.

A castle where the children are kings

Filled with imaginative decor, the Château de la Messardière is a fantasy for any kids and ensures a visit filled with adventures. Here, the Children’s Kingdom couldn’t be more aptly named. In the heart of the garden is a huge outdoor playground for 0-12-year olds, made from the finest wood. There are swings, agility courses, slides, and even a Hansel and Gretel-like cottage for the youngest visitors, who will live a thousand and one imaginative stories each time they visit. Palace life shrunk to child size!

This is what a summer paradise is made of, with long lazy days spent together with family or friends in the chic and legendary spirit of the Côte d’Azur.

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