What drew Julien Révah to Le Grand Contrôle? The King’s Esplanade, the enchanting gardens and their extraordinary perspectives.

What an adventure, transforming an historic landmark into a luxury hotel!

Firstly, it was a winning partnership between two men, Stéphane Courbit and Alain Ducasse. Then, it benefited from in-put from numerous contributors – a scientific committee, craftsmen, experts in Historic Monuments, making it possible to restore Le Grand Contrôle’s former splendour while proposing a luxury hotel endowed with every modern comfort. Significant efforts were also made in terms of sustainable practices. All the furniture is from the period, geo-thermal energy is used for the building’s heating and air conditioinng, and the lighting is 100% LED.

Guests are able to benefit from unique experiences?

The most extraordinary experience is to sleep within the Palace of Versailles with views of the Orangery Gardens, the Lake of the Swiss Guards, and the Southern Wing. Guests also benefit from a multitude of privileges and exclusive access to the Palace of Versailles and its gardens outside visiting hours.

What makes Versailles so special?

In Versailles, each day is sheer magic! The light is never the same, nature evolves with each passing season, orange and lemon trees enter end leave the Orangery beneath the hotel’s windows… It’s a spectacle of which one never tires.

Your ”secret spot”?

Definitely the inside of the Orangery in winter. All the shrubs that flourish in summer in its flowerbeds are kept inside in winter, making the Orangery a real forest where birdsong is joined by the fragrance of orange trees.

If Versailles were a song?

I immediately think of La Marche pour la Cérémonie des Turcs by Jean-Baptiste Lully, but it’s not a song, so I suggest Outro by the French band M83, the signature tune for the TV series “Versailles”.

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