“Young Explorers” – a new Airelles experience for children

In every Airelles property, children are treated like royalty – and the experience begins the moment they arrive, thanks to a little surprise that’s placed by their beds, including edible treats, toys, bath products and other fun trinkets… Children are then immersed in the Airelles universe and all the excitement it has to offer.

At La Bastide, everything is planned to ensure they have a dream holiday from the moment they wake up until the time their eyes close. Outside, the swimming pool reserved for children is made for endless diving and ball games. They can also challenge their friends or their mum and dad to a game of table football or ping-pong. Inside, the fully equipped playroom for children and teenagers is filled laughter all day long. And because there’s nothing like having fun outside to make you hungry, ice cream and all the other treats that children adore will be served to them whenever they want, inside or outside. Because we all need a little boost of energy before we go on that treasure hunt, or take part in a pastry workshop …

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Thanks to its fabulous décor, there can be no better place to have adventures in than Château de la Messardière. In the heart of the garden is an expansive playground filled with amenities for anyone under 12, with the wooden fittings arranged by age. Swings, agility course and slides are all on offer, as well as a playhouses for the youngest, where they can let their imagination run wild surrounded by nature. The fun continues in the indoor play area, which is full of toys, video games and table football, among many other activities. During meals or at afternoon tea, there aren’t any specific children’s menus, instead, they can choose their favourite dish or snack.

“Everything is planned to ensure they have a dream holiday”

Inside Airelles

And to turn the fun factor up to 10, this year Airelles has invented a series of quests for children to follow. In each property, history has left its mark. A painting, a chair, a sculpture – everything here is marked by an era, a style and a particular memory. Gordes, les Baux-de-Provence, Saint-Tropez, the Palace of Versailles, Val d’Isère, Courchevel: in each of the destinations, kids will learn more about the past by going on an exceptional treasure hunt, helped along the way by an array of characters from French history.

Upon arrival, our youngest guests are renamed “The Young Explorers of Airelles” and are given a very special mission to complete. Holding their “Book of Clues”, they will set off to meet the characters who have come to visit them from the past, and who will lead them away in a fabulous exploration of local history. At the end of their journey, treasure awaits in the form of a delicious treat – a reward for all their loyalty towards our famous personalities.

Each season, Airelles will offer our Young Explorers wonderful memories and new stories to tell.

Photo credits :
© David Grimbert
© Fabrice Rambert
© Gregoire Gardette

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