Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle : a unique hotel in the world !

A unique experience at a regal address : opening in 2021

Nestled within the grounds of the Château de Versailles and offering a spectacular view over the parterre of the Orangerie and the Pièce d’Eau des Suisses, Le Grand Contrôle hotel invites you on a unique journey through time to the Age of Enlightenment and the court of the Kingdom of France. The world looked on in awe as the emblematic Versailles estate shone like a beacon under the reign of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. A stunning new house is soon to be unveiled in a setting steeped in history and situated just a stone’s throw from Versailles’ famous Hall of Mirrors and quintessentially French gardens.

Le Grand Contrôle Versailles : a hôtel particulier by Jules Hardouin-Mansart

This hôtel particulier was constructed in 1681 in the heyday of the Sun King and was initially intended for the Duke of Beauvilliers, Colbert’s son-in-law. It was designed by Louis XIV’s favourite architect, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, a 17th century benchmark in French classicism who made his mark as the creator of the Dôme des Invalides. In the 18th century, some modifications were carried out on Le Grand Contrôle hotel, which was joined to the Château de Versailles by Louis XV. Spanning three buildings, Le Grand Contrôle, Le Petit Contrôle, and the Pavillon des premières cent marches encircle a courtyard holding similarities to the iconic parterre of the nearby Orangerie.

History and power : 1788, France shines out across the world

Le Grand Contrôle became what we would now refer to as the ministry of finance, and being a fly on one of its walls would have meant observing some of the most powerful figures coming to meet Louis XVI’s ministers, such as Turgot or Necker. It was here, in the privacy of these stone walls that the building blocks of American independence were laid out thanks to the financial support of the King of France. The European cultural elite would regroup here amidst the elegant decor of Le Grand Contrôle, Necker’s wife holding court with the great names of the Age of Enlightenment. Their daughter, Madame de Staël, quickly took over. She was a brilliant intellectual and feminist who was considered one of the most intelligent women of her time. In 1788, Le Grand Contrôle held significant political, economic and cultural influence. More than two centuries later, it will finally regain its splendour within the estate of the Château de Versailles.

Regal precision : a restoration befitting the history ans spirit of Versailles

These buildings, which had previously been left abandoned for a number of decades, have been entrusted to the greatest craftspeople to bring them back to their former glory of 1788, all the while adapting them to 21st century expectations of luxury and comfort.

A dedicated scientific committee of experts has been set up to ensure a restoration that is both faithful to Louis XVI and respectful of the priceless historical heritage that Le Grand Contrôle represents. The attention to detail in terms of accuracy is second to none. The paintings, furniture, and even the staff’s 18th century-inspired outfits offer a true representation of the period. Guests will also appreciate the Concierge’s wealth of resources on the subject.

“Le Grand Contrôle is a true gem featuring 14 rooms and apartments, a signature Alain Ducasse restaurant…”

“A dedicated scientific committee of experts has been set up to ensure a restoration that is both faithful to Louis XVI…”

Inside Airelles

Alain Ducasse, dine like royalty

An incomparable culinary experience awaits guests at Le Grand Contrôle’s restaurant. Chef Alain Ducasse draws his inspiration from recipes of times gone by to create a culinary offering that will delight the modern palate.

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