Festivities at Les Airelles Courchevel, overflowing with emotion !

As it is every year at Les Airelles, the winter season was merry, with its usual array of joyous festivities, grandiose decorations and powerful emotions. Marvellous times were had by all! A magical holiday that we are going to tell you all about.

Let us remember…

The season kicked off with the enthralling Christmas décor, already in place when the hotel opened its doors. In keeping with this year’s theme of “Airelles Magic Christmas”, the entrance hall was transformed into an enchanting village with an advent calendar hidden amongst its midst, much to the delight of the children.

Airelles Russian Magic Christmas

On Christmas Eve, the hotel was buzzing: dinner was being prepared, the tables were set with their finest attire and the chef was in his element creating a special menu. What a delectable evening! When the sun rose the next morning, Father Christmas arrived in a carriage to hand out presents to all the good children, whose look of awe won’t be forgotten any time soon. A unique and truly magical moment.

Enthralling décor at Airelles Courchevel

Women’s day at Airelles Courchevel

On 31st December, the décor for New Year’s Eve took over. In tribute to our future hotel, which will soon host guests inside the Palace of Versailles estate, the entrance hall became a chateau courtyard with fountains and carriage. A ballroom was also made, while the main corridor became a hall of mirrors, as if by magic. An historical reproduction which was accompanied by a gourmet menu specially concocted by our chefs, served by staff in period costumes, and set to some amazing performances from talented artists including a pianist, singer, violinist, actors and a DJ. At midnight, the party culminated with a huge fireworks display on the slopes (organised by the hotel) and a ball which continued until the early morning.

With Orthodox Christmas fast approaching, the hotel’s Noël decorations were back up by 2nd January, but this time with the theme “Airelles Russian Magic Christmas”. The lobby’s village was adorned with magnificent Russian dolls, while the chefs showed off their flair with a gala menu and the staff dressed up in traditional Russian costumes.

The night was a festive one: entertainment was provided by a singer, violinist, saxophonist and pianist before magician Caroline Marx made a surprise entrance !

“On Christmas Eve, the hotel was buzzing: dinner was being prepared…”

“The festivities began with a girly afternoon tea…”

Inside Airelles

With Christmas over, Les Airelles and its staff continued their season…until 8th March, when the hotel was once against transformed for International Women’s Day. This time around, we were treated to a Hollywood atmosphere to the theme of Marie-Antoinette.

The festivities began with a girly afternoon tea: rose-shaped pastries, candy floss, cake pops, champagne and even cakes that could be personalised. Everything was designed to make guests feel as if they were in the flashy Marie-Antoinette era of Sofia Coppola!

In the evening, a small carriage parked up on the terrace, and the Queen’s boudoir welcomed the court into the entrance hall, while the main corridor found itself replaced by an enchanted garden. The La Table des Airelles restaurant also had a leafy makeover and the live female artists flaunted their art: a violinist, DJ, singers, dancers and actors…a magnificent party that didn’t disappoint.

With the season over, guests returned home feeling refreshed and with a head full of memories that will last a lifetime. At Les Airelles, we feel lucky to share such special times and cannot wait to amaze our guests again next year. We hope to see you there!

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