The folie douce phenomenon

It will soon be 10 years during which La Folie Douce Méribel – Courchevel has brought generations together in a festive atmosphere. Rather like a high-altitude French Riviera, La Folie Douce Méribel – Courchevel blends shows, dance, music, and high-flying gastronomy.

Vanessa Mandito, artistic director, proposes five themes, each one more intoxicating than the last. Rediscover the essential “Rock the Mountain” which sets the crowds on fire, “Les Mille et une Nuits” for an oriental world, the “Peacky Blinder” tableau in 1920’s style… Not forgetting American Hip Hop with the “BBoys”, or the “Viking” show.

The 360-degree stage is set off by a Catwalk leading to the terrace of the restaurant La Fruitière for an even stronger connection with the audience. This year, choreographers Stephanie Rollet and Indira Mehidi are in charge of the show all day long. DJs, singers, dancers, musicians, ensure afternoons of sheer enchantment. This season, the Peaky Blinders’ barber shop cuts your manes and beards down to size. At La Folie Douce Shop, you will also find a corner dedicated to “Onepiece” the expert in comfort and style.

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Petit Le Chalet de Pierres Dj 1

In the kitchen, Arnaud Nicolas, also heading up the kitchen of Jardin Tropézina, the sumptuous beach of Château de La Messardière in Saint-Tropez, has joined the one-and only Franck Mischler. They will propose enticing discoveries at the restaurant La Fruitière, generosity at the self-service La Petite Cuisine, and traditional, vegan or Savoyard burgers, grilled on a wood fire at the Butcher shop.

“Sweet madness that looks like a high-altitude French Riviera.”

Finally, don’t miss the second edition of the Folie Douce Courchevel Festival On April 8, 9 and 10, 2022, with, among others, Bob Sinclar, Synapson, Nicolas de Andrea… on the Courchevel 1850 snowfront – Free admission.

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