7 great news for this winter

Snow is falling in the Alps, and with the arrival of winter come thoughts of unforgettable ski holidays. At the foot of the pistes in Val d’Isère and between the snow-laden pine trees of Courchevel, the Airelles hotels offer exceptional new experiences every season. From the new Chalets des Airelles to the LOULOU restaurant in Val d’Isère, here’s a round of the what’s new at Airelles this year that you won’t want to miss !

1. A new era with Chalets des Airelles

From December 10, Les Airelles, the iconic Courchevel Palace Hotel is getting bigger, offering its guests a new group of refined and luxurious hotel chalets. Made up of 19 rooms, the Chalets allow you to enjoy Courchevel in total privacy. Just a few steps from the hotel, the three chalets are dedicated to offering guests a sublime stay with attentive and bespoke service.

2. LOULOU launches at Val d’Isère

After gracing sunny Saint-Tropez beaches and Parisian terraces, LOULOU has come to Airelles Val d’Isère this winter. With a chic and friendly atmosphere, this new restaurant subtly blends Italian flavours with Alpine tradition. Chef Benoit Dargère has created a sun-drenched, Mediterranean-style menu with winter touches for the restaurant. LOULOU will welcome guests in the dining room or on the new 800m2 terrace from December 8.

3. La Cave des Grands Crus at Courchevel

Created exclusively for Airelles guests, la Cave des Grands Crus just a couple of steps from the Palace hotel, is the new gastronomic place to go this winter. You’ll taste the very best wines in a warm, intimate atmosphere. The private chef and master sommelier will skilfully match wine and food for you – a unique culinary experience.

“Savourer des plats gourmands, parfaitement exécutés et finement dressés par le Chef Exécutif de La Bastide, Yohan Fatela.”

Inside Airelles

4. La Grand Ourse – an unmissable restaurant in Val d’Isère

Next door to Airelles Val d’Isère, (re)discover the piste-side restaurant La Grande Ourse. Since 1936, it’s been renowned for its traditional cuisine of typical Savoyard dishes including fondue, raclette the famous local dessert Bolet de Solaise. Open from December 8.

5. Experiences for young and old

Because a winter at Airelles is always full of adventure, the hotels have come up with a wide range of activities and experiences. Looking for something high-adrenaline? Dive into a frozen lake at Tignes 2100  to explore the underwater Alpine world, or head off with a guide into the snowy Tarentaise peaks on a ski touring trip. Want to explore? Our concierges will design the perfect trip for you to dash about the mountains on a skidoo or husky-dog sled. And for the little ones? They can spend a day with our bakers or ice-hockey players.

6. Piero, a trans-Alpine menu in Courchevel

After setting up Carrara in Saint-Tropez, Chef Marco Garfagnini has brought his culinary expertise to Courchevel with a new Italian menu at  Piero in the Alps. Born in the Tuscan village of Carrare, his signature dishes, inspired by his roots, are both traditional and unforgettable.

7. Vanille & Lilas Boutique, the new Airelles concept store

After a summer at Gordes, the Vanille & Lilas Boutique has set up at the heart of Les Airelles in Courchevel. Its new location allows guests to prolong their Airelles experience thanks to a selection of items from the Airelles hotels and limited-edition items from a range of high-end brands.

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