Airelles Val d’Isère by François Scaviner

Interview of François Scaviner, Hospitality Services Manager at Airelles Val d’Isère.

“First, a nod and a wink: they day they arrive, it is customary for us to surprise our guests. We discreetly take their photos and when they enter La Grande Ourse restaurant, they find them subtly displayed on the wall… Real Hollywood stars!”

“Second, an aspiration: the smoking lounge, together with its Honesty Bar. This is a warm setting, propitious to rest, reflection, sometimes even introspection. I find this room extremely pleasant, and it is not rare that you have it all to yourself.”

“And finally, an indiscretion: our hotel has secret doors hidden behind books and furniture. It’s up to you to find them…”

Petit Lieux communs Fumoir 2 1
Petit Lieux communs Lobby 4

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