Craftsmen of bliss

Meet Les Sentinelles des Airelles, those men and women who embody the hotel and meet (nearly) all your requirements.

Being available for guests, fulfilling their needs, offering advice to make their stays unforgettable… Such are the assignments of a Clés d’Or Concierge like Romain Craffe. “It requires discretion, responsiveness and a sense of detail. You have to obtain the tiniest piece of information to be constantly by their sides.

For Head Barman Louis Delevaux, the Bar at Les Airelles is a great place for meeting up and sharing. “All our guests head for the Bar on their arrival, but also during their stay or just before they leave. Some like to confide in us, we need to show attentiveness and discretion. Others want to make discoveries, so it is vital for us to be fully acquainted with our proposals and master the art of cocktails, in order to anticipate their wishes even before they describe them.”

Émeline Mannaz, Human Resources Manager, discovered “a second family” on her first mission at Les Airelles, alongside General Manager, Jean-Pierre Lerallu. She was immediately won over: “To be able to work here is a real stroke of luck. We have smiles on our faces all day long! Committed teams make our guests even happier, I’m totally sure of that!”

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