Le Grand Contrôle by Elia Harou

Elia Harou, Head of Customer Experience, shares with us the secrets of a unique stay at the Grand Contrôle, Château de Versailles.

Our guests come to visit Le Grand Contrôle in search of a unique experience, a journey through time.

In a way, we are “dream makers.” We draw our inspiration from our surroundings, the essence of the place, its history, and the desires of our guests.

These are the starting points for crafting experiences that are increasingly rich and distinctive.

We work as a team to create the most unique experiences for our cherished guests:

Le Lever de la Reine‘ traces its origins back to the modesty bath that was part of the customs and traditions of Queen Marie-Antoinette.

The equestrian initiation transports us to the era of the great riders of the Court, as we traverse the hunting paths of the Versailles park.

Discovering the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte from a helicopter reveals a spectacular view of the estate and gardens.

Creating everlasting memories for our guests is what drives me every day, adding an thrilling dimension to my profession.

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