Meet Yohan Fatela, Chef of La Bastide de Gordes

Introducing the journey, cuisine, and influences of Yohan Fatela, Chef of La Bastide in Gordes.

You have worked all around the world, in places like Edinburgh, Beijing, and Abu Dhabi. Has your cuisine been influenced by these experiences?

Although I don’t often use products or techniques directly related to those overseas experiences, they have contributed a lot to me on a personal level. They have broadened my horizons, allowed me to develop managerial skills, and work with international teams. They have also influenced my perspective on the role of a Chef. We are incredibly fortunate in France to work under such favorable conditions.

What is the ingredient you enjoy working with the most?

An exceptional ingredient often found on the menu of Michelin-starred restaurants: pigeon. It’s a poultry that demands a lot of technique, and we showcase it throughout the season at L’Orangerie, using various cooking methods and accompaniments.

In a few words, how would you describe L'Orangerie?

A restaurant with an exceptional setting offering breathtaking views. But it’s also a cuisine of noble ingredients, prepared with a contemporary touch, served in a friendly atmosphere by a dynamic team. The perfect blend of authenticity and modernity.

BDG Orangerie Crabe1
Moyen LOrangerie Terrasse

What is your signature?

It’s difficult to put words to one’s culinary identity. It’s undoubtedly a skillful blend of the chefs who have trained us! For my part, I enjoy working with sauces, presenting bold flavors, and achieving precise plating.

Which dish on the restaurant's menu are you most proud of?

The Arctic char in bread crust with carrots and sardine jus, because it highlights an uncommon fish and a beautiful cooking technique. The carrots, presented as sorbet, pickles, and mousseline, also involve intricate work. The whole dish is elevated by the sardine jus. This dish perfectly expresses my culinary vision: balanced, comforting, and full of character.

What is your "madeleine de Proust"?

Ironically, it’s a madeleine. But not just any madeleine. It’s a freshly baked madeleine, still warm, soft, and flavorful, served right in its baking mold, much like the ones we serve at L’Orangerie with their hints of vanilla and butter… Irresistible!


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