A concrete commitment to ecology & solidarity

“Action comes first, such is the pillar of the CSR strategy (Corporate Social Responsibility) led by Chloé Rossignol for Airelles in the LOV Group.

CSR is a virtuous circle.” As CSR Manager, Chloé Rossignol demonstrates the fact by raising awareness, mobilizing and gaining the commitment of all members of the Airelles teams. “A company’s responsibility is defined by the sum total of small and wide-ranging actions.” In fact, to express Airelles values comprised of Generosity, Excellence, Smiles and Empathy, commitment is of prime importance. When describing the pillars that support her strategy, Chloé Rossignol prefers to talk about performance. “A metaphor implying that there is always room for improvement.

The environmental, social and civic performance

In order to reinforce her strategy’s environmental, social and civic performance, she therefore organizes in-house communication and mobilization campaigns all year long. Children and the handicapped take centre stage. “We are committed to associations such as “Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque”. Thanks to a sports challenge, we raised funds this year for a child’s heart surgery.”

For waste recycling

For waste recycling, Airelles works with Lemon Tri at Le Grand Contrôle, ELISE Alpes in Courchevel to transform food leftovers into compost, and with Unisoap to give a second lease of life to used soap. Finally, “Airelles works in partnership with the “Vendredi” social commitment platform, uniting thousands of associations. Our partners thus participate in solidarity actions on a regular basis.”

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