Le Grand Contrôle, is one of the finest projects entrusted to La Maison Pierre Frey over the past few years

The creator’s Pierre Frey grandson, now Communications Manager, describes the firm’s collaboration with Le Grand Contrôle.

The Grand Contrôle project in a few words?

Le Grand Contrôle at the Château de Versailles is one of the finest projects entrusted to La Maison Pierre Frey over the past few years. Our teams and those of interior architect Christophe Tollemer dived into our archives containing over 30,000 documents, some dating back to the 16th century, in order to come up with all the wall coverings. In all, this represents over 3,500 metres of furnishing fabrics, drapes, canopies etc. A phenomenal amount of work!

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Can you tell us more about the choice of the fabrics?

The Maison Pierre Frey advised and guided Christophe Tollemer's teams in their choice of fabrics. Some came from our collections, especially for the Rooms and Suites, such as the "Papillons" and "Eglantier" materials, others were modified or custom-made. For example, the floral decor of the Marquis de Fouquet Suite was redesigned using a period engraving. Giving our archives a place of honour, they all confer an individual identity on each room, while respecting the period's style.

Your production behind the scenes?

We are proud to be a French manufacturer with production 100 % Made in France. We are also fortunate to have one of the last weaving workshops in the country. Our fabrics and wallpapers are created in our design studio in Paris, and most of them then come into being in the workshop, near Cambrai.

Pierre Frey, Communications Manager of La Maison Pierre Frey.

If Pierre Frey were a material, what would it be? And a flower, or an era?

If it were a material, I would say cotton as my grandfather began to print patterns on this material in 1935. If it were a flower, it would be hydrangea. You find a lot of them in our designs. Finally, if it were an era, it would be, without hesitation, the 1980's, during which the Maison Pierre Frey enjoyed its golden age.

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