Jean-François Piège: The man behind Clover Gordes


Within his new kingdom of La Bastide de Gordes, the illustrious Michelin-starred chef Jean-François Piège opened up about his new restaurant Clover Gordes. The Clover brand, created by Elodie and Jean-François Piège in 2014, is a reflection of the chef’s incredible talent as his explores his areas of expertise: cooking and plants. Clover Gordes promises to blend these two passions, using produce from Provence, the cherished region where he spent his childhood.

The Bastide in Gordes is a magical and unique place, how did you feel and what were your impressions when you first visited ?

The Bastide speaks to me because it represents everything I love: authenticity, sophistication and singularity. I feel close to these values, as they are the ones I try to live by. That is why I was drawn to the Bastide: I immediately got the desire to create a singularity with Clover Gordes.

And I imagine that Provence inspires you. Have you become attached to this region ?

I am attached to regions steeped in history, that have a rich past and are capable of reinventing themselves. This magnificent region will allow me to write a new culinary chapter of my story.

So, how will you interpret this provincial spirit in your cuisine ?

My style of cooking will remain the same, with some added touches of Provence. We will work with meticulously chosen regional ingredients.

“I am attached to regions steeped in history…”

Inside Airelles

Will you have some signature dishes at Clover Gordes ?

It’s too early to be asking about signature dishes, because you don’t choose a signature dish, it is created over time.

What feelings would you like to evoke with your dishes ?

In all my restaurants, I try to evoke what I like to feel: I want people to feel totally at home and regaled. I will consider Clover Gordes a success if people visiting Gordes, as well as those living in the region and in Gordes itself, walk away feeling happy. I want them to feel like this restaurant has actually been there for ages.

One of the keys to a restaurant’s success is not spoiling the surroundings. We will bring our Clover brand to Gordes, but we will immerse ourselves in the surroundings of the Bastide and Provence.
So, there will be a new restaurant at Gordes, but I sincerely hope that in people’s minds, it could well have been there for forever.

Open since 15th June.

Airelles Gordes, La Bastide
Le Village, 84220 Gordes

+33 (0)4 90 72 12 12

+33 (0)4 90 72 12 12

Opening hours:
Open every day, lunch and dinner

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© 2019 Nicolas Lobbestael

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